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Client Feedback

Hear from some of my previous clients.

“I highly recommend Sam!
I felt totally at ease and had the best results when working with her”


“I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with Sam and felt she listened and took my sleep issue seriously and compassionately”


“Didn’t even flinch!! You are a miracle worker. Thank you so much”

Suzy (needle phobia)

“I really enjoyed it! I had not expected to be made to feel so relaxed and sleepy”


“I’ve had some really positive experiences after your hypnotherapy session, I’m very surprised”


“Thank you so much for your guidance, support and sessions”


"I would definitely recommend Sam as she offers a very good experience which is tailored to individual needs. I felt completely at ease all the time. I particularly liked the personal recordings she offers you so you can listen to them at home at your own convenience. Overall, I found the sessions very helpful and satisfactory and I am pleased I decided to go ahead with her hypnotherapy."


"Sam was really friendly and welcoming from my first contact with her and she immediately put me at ease. The sessions really helped with my confidence and I would highly recommend."


"Sam really takes the time to understand and support. She puts you at ease and adapts to specific needs. I have seen great results."


"I used Free the Mind due to recent anxiety which developed over lockdown last year. I found it very insightful and Sam really helped me overcome this mental block affecting my life. Would recommend to all."

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services that Sam offers. Not only did she provide the time and space to explore hypnotherapy, but she spent time understanding the issue I presented with. Great sense of humour, confidential and understanding, what more could you want."



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