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Alcohol Cessation

Do you feel like your drinking habits are out of control? Do you wake up with a fuzzy head? Find it difficult to concentrate? Is drinking affecting your relationships?

Its easy to lose control of your drinking habits, at first, it’s a couple of drinks at the weekend, then it’s a glass after work to help you relax, that glass then turns into half a bottle then to a bottle and so on…

Before you know it, you feel you're unable to function without a drink. If you drink alcohol on a regular basis to help you relax, or cope with a stressful situation, you have a degree of alcohol dependency. If you immediately turn to drink instead of using other mechanisms to deal with life’s stresses, then you may need some help.


Regular drinking can contribute to feelings of depression, anxiety and can make stressful situations harder to manage.

Hypnotherapy can help you will help you gain control of your drinking, by looking at the factors which are connected to your drinking habits be it boredom, anxiety, stress, or other factors. You will no longer need that drink to act as an ‘emotional prop’.


You have decided you want to take control and that hypnotherapy is your choice of therapy. I will come up with a bespoke package with you to help you take back control of your drinking and break the habit.


I look forward to working with you. For further information or to book an initial consultation please get in touch.

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