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Sleeping Together


Sleeping issues affect one in three people in the UK, and this is not just the occasional bad night’s sleep. If it’s a temporary problem then its likely easy to deal with, but if this goes on and on, then the negative effects will drift into other areas of your life.

Symptoms associated with prolonged insomnia include poor concentration, irritability, low mood, anxiety, reduced motivation, and can lead to depression. It can affect your work and personal life.


This can lead to anxiety about going to bed which in turn makes the situation worse, you get stuck into a vicious cycle.

Many issues can cause insomnia so it's important to contact a GP in the first instance, if you then need further help hypnotherapy can certainly help you.


Hypnotherapy for insomnia works by teaching you a variety of relaxation skills and looks at reducing the anxieties around going to bed and not being able to sleep. I would also look at your sleep hygiene, looking at your environment, what you do before going to bed, are there any factors that may be unhelpful and may affect your ability to sleep.

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