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Does the thought of getting on a plane fill you with dread? Does a spider in the bathroom make your knees tremble? There are many phobias and to other people they may appear ridiculous. To the person experiencing the phobia it can be terrifying. Whatever your phobia, hypnotherapy can help you change your perception of thoughts and feelings about the feared object or situation. This allows you to respond in a more measured way.

A phobia is present because at some point your brain taught you that your phobia was a hazard to you. This maybe because you had a past negative experience, or you mirrored another person’s reaction (a parent) and this then became a learned response.


If you react to a spider in a certain way, then your brain will encourage you to do the same again. Hypnotherapy can help change your mindset enabling you to feel calm and in control of the situation


During your sessions I will use imagery and desensitisation techniques to reduce your symptoms of anxiety and allow you to face your fears. I will work with you to help you gain control of your thought processes and change the way you respond when you encounter your fear.


Didn’t even flinch!! You are a miracle worker. Thank you so much.”

Suzy (needle phobia)


I look forward to working with you. For further information or to book an initial consultation please get in touch.

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